The Stars Aligned
For Your Special Moment.

Give the brightest of gifts for that special someone.
Name a Star Today!

Name a Star - In 3 Simple Steps!

Starchives - Name a Star for a Loved One

Name a Star for a Loved One

A visible star will be named for your loved one, and you can spot it on a clear night!

Starchives - Receive a Beautiful Certificate

Receive a Beautiful Certificate

Your loved one will receive an exclusive Certificate of Registration with a star in their name and its coordinates in the sky.

Starchives - Gift Wrapped in a Lovely Box

Gift-Wrapped upon Delivery

Your loved one’s Certification of Registration arrives complete in a lovely gift-wrapped box perfect for a surprise unwrapping and any special occasion.

About Stars

Stars are massive celestial bodies composed of hydrogen and helium that produce nuclear reactions and radiate energy. While their scientific explanation is truly fascinating, their existence is equally magical!

Our Sun, a yellow dwarf star, is just the right size and temperature to have supported life on Earth. The Sun doesn’t have to be the only star in your life — you can name one in the sky above!

Name a Star Today!



I was looking for something to surprise my grandma for her 95th birthday and found this meaningful gift. Not only will she live forever in our hearts, her name will be etched in the stars forever. Thank you!

Verified Buyer

Atlanta, GA


This is a gift worth buying. I bought one for my wife and she was delighted, the gift looked great when they received it and I'm considering buying another one for my mom and dad!

Verified Buyer

Los Angeles, CA