Starchives - Register An Official Star and Get A Star Certificate!


A Gift Befitting of Any Occasion!

When you’re looking for a gift to give to someone, you want something unique, exciting, and that will last. There’s nothing in the Universe that meets those criteria as well as naming a star for your recipient. Whether it’s an office gift for a “star” employee or a gift for your eternal love, Starchives has the answer: a star named for and registered in their name.

What is the occasion that you want the Universe’s most unique gift for?

Starchives - Birthday message


Their star was born long before they were and, like them, it’s a gift to the Universe of happiness and beauty. Give them a birthday gift that never collects dust and will last a lifetime: Give them a star! No matter their age, the gift of a star is a forever gift that will help them remember this moment and all the precious moments in their lives.

Starchives - weddings and anniversaries message

Weddings & Anniversaries

Nothing is as eternal as love and the night sky. Give lovers the gift that will last as long as their passion and shine into eternity, announcing their love to the Universe. Love never dies, and like a star, the love between two people shines clearly for everyone to see. Give them a star that does the same, forever.

Starchives - memorial gifts

Memorial Gifts

The ones we love that have passed before us are an eternal gift. Celebrate their lives with a star that will shine on you and everyone they loved forever. Each night, you’ll know they’re shining upon you, showering you and the whole world with love and blessings.

Starchives - holiday gifts

Holiday Gifts

Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays are often filled with gifts that only last a moment. Give a gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond - a star, named just for them, that they can look up at anytime. Like the light of loving and caring that prompts a gift in the first place, a star is forever!

Starchives - mother's day message

Mother’s Day

Moms are awesome, and a mother’s love is a forever gift. Give her a forever gift in return - a star of her very own. Starchives will find your mother a star that is just like her, a bright, guiding light of every day. Let her know that you will love her as long as she will love you - forever.

Starchives - Father's day message

Father’s Day

When we’re children, dads always seem bigger than life, the hero in our world. Now you can give your hero a gift of the gods, a star. Tell your father that he will shine upon you every day forever with a star of his very own. Let him know that you think the world of him by giving him a world and more!

Starchives - Baby message


Every child is a star in the heavens. They bring love and light into our lives like nothing else ever can. To mark the occasion of a new baby, name a star and keep them in the constellations of your soul forever. A star is forever like the love that’s shared between baby, parents, and everyone around them.

Starchives - Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Gift

Chocolates? Roses? Diamonds? All so momentary, but a star is forever! Give your Valentine the gift of a star, named for them, that shines every night in the sky. Like the love you share, the star is an eternal life that can guide your heart through every moment.

Starchives - Graduation and other special occasions

Graduations and other special occasions

Every event should be marked by a special place, a special gift that will keep that event visible every night. A star that one can see is a reminder of the hard work and success that one has achieved. It’s there every night of their lives to remind them how proud you are.

Starchives - Corporate gifting

Corporate Gifting

A pen? Maybe a gift card? Why be boring when you can give them a gift that will last forever? A star employee. A valued client. A sparkling business partner. Even an angel investor. They’ll never forget what you gave them with a star of their own shining in the sky for the rest of eternity.

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