Suggested Messages

Here are just some of the suggested messages based on what our customers included on their Star Certificates!

For being the twinkle in your life...

  • This is a gift to remind you of everything you’ve done for me. Thank you, and now and forever, for being a guide star in my life. Your presence has made me stronger.
  •  A star is a gift that will shine forever, every night looking down upon you reminding you of this moment when you were so cherished by someone they bought you a star.
  • This star is my way of reminding you how valuable you are, how important you are, and that someone appreciates you every single day. Let it shine as a blessing every night over your head.

For that romantic partner...

  • I wanted to find a gift that would outlast my love for you. I couldn’t find anything, but a star that will last for hundreds of billions of years comes close. Let it shine on you as my love does.
  • I love you. To prove it, I bought you your very own solar system. Far away, it’ll be waiting for you when you decide to turn back into the angel I know you really are.

For your beloved pets... 

  • This star reminds us of the love that the companion that is in our lives. Every day and every night, unconditional love pours from these grounded angels like the light of this star.