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Name Twin Stars - Starchives
Name Twin Stars - Starchives

Name Twin Stars

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Unique. Thoughtful. Symbolic.

Show someone how much they mean to you with a gift to cherish every time they look above.

A timeless gift unlike anything on Earth, Naming a Star will eternalize your thoughts and forever shine in the night sky.

Naming a Star is official — the Star will be forever in only these names!

Each celestial gift comes with an exclusive Certificate of Registration with the holder's name, a custom message and the star’s coordinates displayed on an elegant piece suitable for framing (frame not included).

Spot your twinkling gift with a telescope, a star location app, or guide your sight with constellations — and have some fun!

What are Twin Stars?

It may come as a surprise that nearly 4/5 solar systems are actually multiple star systems orbiting one another, also called binary stars or twin stars. Usually this just appears as a single point of light to the naked eye.

Here's your chance to name two stars in one solar system. It makes a perfect gift for an anniversary, a best friend, and many other occasions and loved ones. 

These two stars will orbit one another eternally, symbolizing a bond that cannot be broken.

How it Works 

Give the gift of naming two stars — it takes less than one minute!

Simply fill out the Name Twin Stars & Customize Certificate details above.

The information is sent directly to the Official Star Archive — a real-time database of over 100,000 stars!

A custom certificate will be generated and delivered to the listed address within a period of 4-7 days.

Track the stars' coordinates — and find your gift in the night sky! 


Name a Star Today!

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